{Cake Smash}

November 13, 2012

So it really happened!  You really turned one year old October 18, 2012.  We had both Grandma Carole and Grandma Kim here for the big day. The memories are priceless–boy did we laugh.  You thoroughly enjoyed your first tastes of sugar and we thoroughly enjoyed watching you!  We love you so much Stephen.  What a blessing you have been in our lives.  Looking forward to what the next year holds.

Well we made it one year of blogging kiddo!  Calling this blog quits now and moving all Stephen (and other family) updates to mysweetwilliams.wordpress.com

11 Months Today

September 18, 2012

Slobber face

Bath time

Always sucking your thumb

Learning how to brush your teeth

Listening to Perry Como and playing with Mommy

Little feet

I was mortified the day we went to Bob Evans and you did this to the sweet little old lady behind us!  She was talking to you, and you just turned around and stuck your tongue out at her!  Thankfully she thought it was cute, but we are going to have to work on your manners mister ;o)

We love you so!  CANNOT believe you will be one in 30 days.  Woah.

Training–for what I am not sure

10-month-old Stephen

August 18, 2012

You are 10 months old today!  Inching too close to that 1-year mark my son.  Here is what is new with you:

You are crawling around–quite fast!  You know your boundaries, although you do not enjoy staying within them.  When you notice an “off-limits” area is available (i.e. your brother left his door open, or a bathroom door was left open), you hustle to make it before momma’s arms swoop down and ruin your fun.  You move with such determination too, I almost feel bad because you work so hard.

You have pulled yourself up a few times but seem over that presently.  You have no interest in standing.

You randomly give kisses.  When we try to give you kisses though, you are usually not having anything to do with it.  You pretty much think it’s your right to call the shots with everything around here.  Strong willed you are.   I am here to teach you that you don’t get to call the shots–ever ;o)

I love how animated you are.  Your facial expressions tell stories in themselves.

You have not gained any weight for the last three doctors visits.  Quite the opposite of your first 6 months when you were doubling in size.  Even though you have been 23 pounds for the last four months, you have grown longer.  You are 31.5 inches long and wearing 24 month/2T clothes.  You also have 8 teeth and were a bear for each one of them.

You have learned to make a clicking noise with your tongue and love it when we join in with you.  You love to stick your tongue out at us when we stick our tongues out at you. And you have THE BEST LAUGH! Happy 10-month Birthday!!! We love you!

Go check out the rest of the photos at our family blog: mysweetwilliams.wordpress.com

I Walked with Giants

August 9, 2012

In Sequoia National Park.

Slept with some too ;o)

Want to see more photos from the trip?  Check them out at mysweetwilliams.wordpress.com.

Too cute for his own good.

More Black & White

July 9, 2012


July 6, 2012

What a blessing it has been to watch these two and the bond they have developed already.  There have been many a times when I have been at a loss of what to do for Stephen when he is having a moment, and Noah somehow seems to know exactly what Stephen wants.  There is an unspoken communication between these two, as I assume is the case with most siblings.  Siblingspeak seems an appropriate term.  I simply find it amazing that a seasoned mother of two can come up blank, but an 8 year old boy can save the day.

You and your brother are so lucky to have such an awesome Dad!   He is a Super Hero in all our hearts.  Quite deserving of the T-shirt ;o)

W E    L O V E    Y O U      D A D D Y


Stephen 6.12

June 25, 2012

I love his big dark eyes.

The ever elusive cheerio!

You are so sweet Stephen.  You love to give kisses–big, juicy, open-mouth ones.

You are loving the big boy bath.

You  giggle when I pour water over your head.  You also like to play on your belly in the bath and sometimes forget that you can’t put your head down–unless you want a mouth full of bath water that is.  You seem most happy during bath time.  Bath time and meal time. ;o)

Look at those cheeks.

You love your musical toys too.   We love it when you sing to us.

You have the most precious facial expressions too!

Rocking the John Roger look after a nap ;o)

I can’t believe you are 8 months old already!